View my aquaponic live view

Today is the 5th days my aquaponic run off-grid. It was not an easy ride. Eventually many event occured distrupting my project. There was the day when the entire system shut off and sunlight was not the problem. I managed to rectified the problem with minor tweak to the wiring. Well… this is really a set back during this holiday.. I will not be able to man every problem since I will be going for a vacation. I finally found this nice app “picket surveillance system”. Its ¬†using and old phone as a cctv! Now I can view my aquaponic online and atleast hear the sound of my water pump.Screenshot_2016-07-06-18-15-48

Its really cool app and it just cost rm27(if I am not mistaken) for the license.

The first post for this blog.

Assalamualaikum. Since 2006, after I bought this domain, a few days ago probably put an end to this 10 years of existence. On the first week of July I received an email about shutting down this website by aabaco the server provider. unfortunately I managed to read the email dated 2 July 2016 on this date 7 July 2016. Well, not much to mention here but its all about panic. I found that my domain is blocked by the provider and return an error message 503: service not available. Its something about malicious code or software running on my server that cause this commotion. It may not suitable to describe every detail on how its happen but after two days my domain came alive again!. A few a hours prior to this post I received an email from wordpress that they already rectified the problem and I do not have to do anything about it. You know what… do not have to do a thing and not panic is also an action. It works! Although my did not contribute any fortune to me, perhaps served me well as an online storage at since 2010. It might not be popular but I use it before i knew about dropbox. Well this is the first post, eventually I might have more to write since I am more appreciate the domain. I do not care about the grammer since there is no visitor to this domain. A few ideas came out, maybe too much but I would like to start a few pages about my activities like aquaponic and solar energy. Bye for now.